Your Wedding …


So ….. you’ve booked your wedding;
now you need to book your Celebrant before the one you like is booked by someone else!

Legalities you need to know

For RESIDENTS OF AUSTRALIA, you must be over the age of 18.

I need to view original documents of both parties:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Papers if applicable
  • Death Certificate if widowed
  • Deed Poll/Certificate of Name Change if your name has been changed other than by a previous marriage.

You must complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” Form (NOIM), which I can give you
or it can be downloaded from

This Form MUST be in my possession no later than 1 month and 1 day before your assigned wedding day.


If you are COMING FROM OVERSEAS for your marriage ceremony, you will need all of the above, but you must have your “Notice of Intended Marriage” Form witnessed by:

an Australian Embassy/Consular Authorized Staff member
or a Notary Public Officer of your country.

The Form plus any other relevant documents may be FAXED, but the Originals of all the documents must be brought with you to be sighted by me.

Any documents which are not in English have to be translated and both the original and translated version must be brought with you.


Your Ceremony and Me

Be assured I have great respect for this serious, exciting relationship you are about to enter into, but there is also a place for humour. This applies to ceremonies of any kind, but for nervous brides and grooms I’ve found humour particularly helpful and welcome.  Those little things that could be embarrassing can be softened by humour.  Perhaps you would like me to use humour when I tell that wonderful personal story of how you met, and what attracted you to each other?

While I have an extremely professional attitude to my work, I do consider flexibility and versatility to be a virtue.

If a sedate, traditional ceremony is more your style, that’s fine too, or if your background dictates a more formal, culture sensitive, ceremony that involves your family,  I will listen to your needs.

My service includes any meetings necessary, lodging of documents, provision of sound system and various microphones (all controlled by my assistant) and a rehearsal at the venue. Naturally, I will provide you with all resource material necessary, to help you create your ceremony as we take steps together leaving an imprint in your hearts.

Your ceremony is very much a continuum, as we work together.  It starts from that first meeting, continues through regular communication and culminating in your rehearsal,  when all our discussions and plans really come together.  Then the day comes when I have the great pleasure of seeing you take those steps into your new future as life partners, and knowing that I was part of it.


Hopefully you’re getting excited by now and I’ll hear from you soon!